We have been busy putting out all of our New Tyler Candle Products!

Come explore our exquisite selection of Tyler Candle Candle Products, each meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients and imbued with a touch of elegance to transform any space into a sanctuary of serenity and charm. Whether you're seeking a charming gift for a loved one or simply looking to treat yourself to a moment of blissful escape, our new collection promises to add a touch of sophistication and sophistication to every corner of your life. Have pets? These are a great pet odor neutralizer!

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 All your Favorite Tyler Candle Company Scents 

Bless You Heart  
French Market 
High Maintenance

AutoGlam Car Scents: 12 Scents

Candles 18 Scents: 3.4oz, 11oz & 22oz

Mixer Melts: 7 Scents

Glamorous Wash: 8 Scents 4oz, 32oz & 64oz

Glamorous Sachets: 8 Scents

Our goal is to have everything added to the App/Website for our Tyler Candle Company Collections page by Thursday. We have AutoGlam Car Scents, Mixer Melts,& Glamorous Wash already added  🙂

Jim Boley