Elevate your fashion game with a touch of personalization at Jimberly's Boutique! We're thrilled to introduce a captivating addition to your wardrobe — the artful touch of left chest monogramming. With an array of elegantly customized options available for jackets, long sleeve tees, pullovers, sweatshirts, and more, you're invited to embrace a style that's distinctly and uniquely.

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Why Choose Left Chest Monogramming? Fashion is more than just clothes; it's a reflection of who you are. With our left chest monogramming option, you have the opportunity to infuse your individuality into your outfits. Each stitch tells a story, and your monogram becomes a statement of your style, personality, and panache. Whether you're expressing your personal brand or gifting a thoughtful keepsake, our monogramming elevates fashion to an art form.

Crafting Your Signature Look:

  1. In-Person Elegance: Experience the charm of Jimberly's Boutique in person at 9128 Pigeon Roost Road, Suite A Olive Branch ,Mississippi 38654. Our warm and knowledgeable staff will guide you through the enchanting world of monogramming, helping you select the perfect options for your vision.

  2. Seamless Online Magic: Can't make it to the store? Our digital doors are open! Explore our comprehensive collection and effortlessly customize your chosen items with monogramming through our user-friendly app or website.

    A Closer Look at the Monogramming Process:

    1. Elevate Your Choice: Handpick from our carefully curated range of jackets, long sleeve tees, pullovers, sweatshirts, and more. Each piece is primed for transformation into a work of art.

    2. The Monogram Moment: Dive into the left chest monogramming realm by navigating to the product page. and locate  "Left Chest Monogram" section beckons. Opt for "Yes" to add the monogram for a nominal fee of $12 or "No" for an unembellished piece.

    3. A Personal Flourish: Imprint your initials in the order of First, Last, Middle — a personal signature of your identity.

    4. Fonts of Elegance: Select from our trio of exquisite fonts: Master Circle (a timeless favorite), Natural Circle (effortless grace), or Pendant 2 (a touch of sophistication).

    5. Hues of Expression: Infuse your piece with the perfect hue. Choose from a selection of colors that resonate with your style and message.

    6. Seal Your Choice: Complete the process by proceeding to checkout, eagerly anticipating the masterpiece that will soon grace your wardrobe.

      The Magic of Left Chest Monogramming:

      • Distinctive Elegance: Stand out from the crowd with clothing that's not just stylish, but a canvas for your personal story.
      • Unforgettable Gifting: Create cherished memories with tailor-made gifts that convey thoughtfulness and care.
      • Transparent Value: Enjoy the freedom of choice with upfront pricing that lets you decide on monogramming.

      Your style narrative begins with you — and Jimberly's Boutique is here to bring it to life. With left chest monogramming, your clothing transforms into a canvas of self-expression. Whether you're exploring our physical store or virtually crafting your personalized fashion, the journey to timeless style has never been so enchanting.


      Discover the art of monogramming at our physical location: 9128 Pigeon Roost Road, Suite A Olive Branch ,Mississippi 38654, or explore the magic through our app and website Jimberlys.com. Elevate your style, embrace your signature — it's a fashion evolution at Jimberly's Boutique.

      Jim Boley