Jordan's Sugar Free Peach- Skinny Syrups - 25.4/750ml

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Experience the true essence of a Georgia peach orchard with every drop of Jordan's Sugar-Free Peach Skinny Syrup. This exquisite syrup encapsulates the fresh, juicy flavor of ripe peaches, making it a perfect addition to a variety of beverages and dishes. Whether you're enhancing the taste of a refreshing glass of lemonade, elevating your favorite iced tea, or experimenting with cocktails, this syrup brings a guilt-free, delightful peach twist to your creations.

What's more, Jordan's Sugar-Free Peach Skinny Syrup is crafted with health-conscious individuals in mind. It's a stellar choice for those following a keto diet or anyone looking to enjoy sweet flavors without the added calories, sugar, or carbs.

  • Zero Calories, Sugar, and Carbs: Enjoy the sweet taste without the guilt.
  • Generous Size: Each 750 ml (25.4 fl. oz.) bottle contains approximately 25 servings.
  • Health-Friendly: Gluten-Free, Kosher, and Keto-Friendly, catering to various dietary needs.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: Quality and trust in every bottle.

Enhance your culinary experiences with the delightful aroma and taste of Georgia peaches. Explore our diverse range of flavors, including the Jordan's Sugar-Free Peach Skinny Syrup, at Jimberly's Boutique. For more options in the Jordan's Skinny Syrups Collection, visit our collection page. Embrace the joy of flavor without compromising your health goals with Jordan's Sugar-Free Skinny Syrups.