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Jordan's Sugar Free Caramel Macchiato - Skinny Syrups - 25.4/750ml

Jordan's Sugar Free Caramel Macchiato - Skinny Syrups - 25.4/750ml

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Introducing Sugar-Free Caramel Macchiato Syrup: Your Ultimate Coffee Bar Classic Remastered!

Why queue up at the drive-thru when you can effortlessly bring the coffee shop experience right into your kitchen? Revel in the harmonious fusion of velvety caramel and delightful creamy vanilla bean nuances, elegantly entwined to let your inner barista shine. Master the art of guilt-free indulgence as you sprinkle your creations with this flavor-packed elixir, perfect for enhancing your coffees, lattes, protein elixirs, velvety smoothies, gourmet baking endeavors, nourishing oatmeal, and virtually anything your culinary imagination craves.

✖️ Experience the Luxury: Zero Calories. Zero Sugar. Zero Carbs. 💲 A Hearty 750 ml/25.4 fl. oz. Bottle - Crafting 25 Servings of Pure Delight! ✓ Aligned with the Highest Gluten-Free & Kosher Standards. 🌱 Thoughtfully Crafted for the Keto Connoisseur. 🇺🇸 Crafted with Pride on American Soil.

Visit our Jordan's Skinny Syrup Collection & find your perfect flavor. 

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