Jordan's Sugar Free Vanilla Chai - Skinny Syrups - 25.4/750ml

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Introducing our Sugar-Free Blueberry Lavender Syrup - a delightful fusion of delicate, fragrant lavender and sweet, fresh blueberries that takes your taste buds on an exquisite journey. This harmonious blend is a match made in culinary heaven, perfect for enhancing lemonades on warm summer nights, crafting elegant cocktails, or substituting simple syrup in any recipe, elevating your culinary creations to new heights.

Immerse yourself in the world of sophistication by drizzling our lavender-infused syrup over iced beverages or using it as an exquisite garnish for desserts. The addition of our Blueberry Lavender Syrup promises to infuse a touch of elegance into your culinary adventures.

Key Features: 🚫 0 Calories. 0 Sugar. 0 Carbs. Indulge in the exquisite flavors of lavender and blueberry without adding any calories, sugar, or carbs to your recipes.

💰 750 ml/25.4 fl. oz. Bottle - 25 Servings! Each bottle contains 25 servings, ensuring an ample supply of this delightful syrup to elevate your creations.

✅ Gluten Free & Kosher. Our Blueberry Lavender Syrup is proudly gluten-free and kosher-certified, catering to a variety of dietary needs.

🌱 Keto-Friendly. For those embracing a keto lifestyle, our syrup is the perfect addition to your low-carb regimen.

🇺🇸 Made in the USA. Rest easy knowing our Sugar-Free Blueberry Lavender Syrup is crafted with pride in the USA, meeting the highest standards of quality and safety.

Experience the fruity, soothing, and flirty essence of lavender paired with the burst of refreshing blueberry. Elevate your smoothies, sparkling water, lemonades, craft cocktails, parfaits, baking, and more with just the right amount of sweetness and smoothness. Unleash your culinary creativity and transform any dish or drink into an unforgettable masterpiece with our exquisite Blueberry Lavender Syrup.

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