Southern Marsh Seawash Tee - Waves - Coral

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Embrace the spirit of the sea with the Southern Marsh Seawash Tee - Waves in Coral. This tee, crafted with the love of ocean waves and beach days in mind, combines the softness of the SEAWASH™ fabric with a design that captures the essence of the shoreline. Ideal for those who carry the ocean in their hearts, this t-shirt is a tribute to tranquil waves and the serene beauty of the beach.

Crafted for Superior Comfort and a Time-Worn Look Through a meticulous process of heavy-garment washing, this tee is rendered ultra-soft and lightweight, ensuring breathability and comfort for all-day wear. The special treatments applied to the fabric allow it to fade gracefully over time, achieving a cherished vintage look that resonates with the laid-back vibe of beach life.

Design Details That Speak to the Soul

  • Cursive Waves Design: The back of the tee features elegant cursive text that mimics the gentle ebb and flow of ocean waves, transporting you to your favorite seaside memories with every glance.
  • Vibrant Coral Hue: The tee's coral color is reminiscent of stunning sunsets and seashells, adding a pop of coastal color to your wardrobe.
  • Signature Mallard Logo: The classic mallard silhouette logo on the front chest pocket adds a touch of Southern Marsh's renowned quality and attention to detail.
  • Printed Tag for Ultimate Comfort: Say goodbye to the irritation of traditional tags with a printed tag that enhances the tee's comfort, making it feel like a second skin.

Your Go-To Tee for Endless Summer Days

The Southern Marsh Seawash Tee - Waves in Coral is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a wearable reminder of the calm and beauty of the ocean. Whether you're strolling along the beach, heading out for a casual day with friends, or simply dreaming of your next coastal getaway, this tee is your perfect companion.

Discover Coastal Elegance at Jimberly's Boutique

Bring the essence of the beach to your style with the Waves Tee and explore an exclusive selection of Southern Marsh products at Jimberly's Boutique. Our collection celebrates the adventure, elegance, and timeless charm of coastal living. Visit our Southern Marsh Collection online at Jimberly's Boutique - Southern Marsh Collection to find apparel that resonates with your sense of style and love for the sea.

With shipping options available to the lower 48 states, adding a touch of seaside serenity to your wardrobe has never been easier. Visit Jimberly's Boutique today and let the Southern Marsh Seawash Tee - Waves in Coral become a beloved addition to your collection, where every wear is a step closer to the ocean.

Where Style Meets the Sea Breeze

At Jimberly's Boutique, we believe that fashion is about more than just clothing—it's about expressing a connection to the places and experiences we cherish. The Southern Marsh Seawash Tee - Waves in Coral is not just a testament to the beauty of the ocean; it's an invitation to weave the tranquility and spirit of the beach into the fabric of your everyday life. Wear it with pride and let your style reflect the peaceful ebb and flow of the waves.