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Swig Mega Mug 40 oz - Prep Rally

Swig Mega Mug 40 oz - Prep Rally

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At our store, we're thrilled to offer a diverse selection of Skinny Syrups, perfect for concocting your personalized water of the day recipes right at home. Embrace a fun and exciting way to stay hydrated with our Swig 40oz Mega Mug, your ultimate beverage companion!

Our 40oz Mega Mug is thoughtfully designed with a host of remarkable features to ensure a delightful hydration experience. Its cup holder-friendly structure makes it effortlessly portable, and the comfort-grip handle provides a secure and comfortable hold. Enjoy your favorite beverages with ease using the convenient flexi-tip straw, loved by Swig enthusiasts!

Crafted to perfection, our 40oz Mega Mug incorporates cutting-edge triple insulation technology, including a double-walled and vacuum-sealed interior, complemented by copper-plated components. Experience the magic as your drinks stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 9 hours. Bid farewell to condensation woes and worries about breakage, as this mug remains both condensation-free and virtually indestructible.

Constructed from durable 5mm 304-18/8 stainless steel, this Mega Mug is built to withstand the test of time. Its clever dimensions allow it to snugly fit into most standard cup holders, making it an ideal companion for your dynamic on-the-go lifestyle. The silicone base ensures a secure and noise-free grip, enhancing the overall convenience.

Enjoy the complete package with our Swig 40oz Mega Mug, which comes with an X-Large Lid that is BPA-free and features a removable slider for easy cleaning. Additionally, we provide a BPA-free plastic straw with a removable silicone, flexi-tip, presenting the ultimate sipping solution.

With dimensions of 9.9” H x 5.9” W (lid included) and a 2.8” diameter base, this Mega Mug is tailor-made to suit your everyday needs. Remarkably lightweight at just 1.21lb when empty, it effortlessly accompanies you on all your adventures.

Explore our vast Swig Collection and indulge in a range of premium products thoughtfully designed to elevate your beverage experience. For further insights and valuable tips, don't miss out on our informative blog discussing "Why you need a 40oz Mega Mug."

To keep your Swig in pristine condition, we recommend handwashing, although it is dishwasher safe. Avoid using bleach or abrasive cleaners containing chlorine, and please refrain from microwaving the mug.

Please note that the silicone tip straw is not suitable for use with hot liquids. Exercise caution while handling hot beverages, and always ensure the lid is securely fastened before drinking, especially in the presence of children.

Elevate your hydration experience today with our exceptional Swig 40oz Mega Mugs. Discover the joy of sipping in style and comfort - start shopping now at!

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